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St.Veg is a 100% vegan restaurant with love for the planet, animals, and every one of our customers (even if you aren't vegan!). We focus on creating an indulgent dining experience in a fast-paced environment. Our passion for plant-based cooking started with our appreciation for whole foods and the vegan lifestyle. While eating vegan in the modern world is getting more accessible, we see a rise in processed faux meat and mock items. 

We think it's essential to eat all the colors of the rainbow that grow naturally from our Earth. That's why you won't find any lab-made ingredients, processed mock meat, or food additives like MSG in our cooking. We make all of our dishes from scratch daily with local and organic produce. We believe in letting fresh ingredients cultivate the indulgent taste of our dishes, instead of masking them with artificial flavors. 

Our homestyle cooking is baked with love, fresh ingredients, earthly herbs, and seasonings. We believe the quality of your ingredients is just as important as what you eat. If you're hesitant that healthy food can taste good, you'll have to come to discover the flavors of St.Veg!

Our founder has been vegan since 2005 and is MADLY in love with animals. That is why at St.Veg, along with striving to promote the benefits of eating plant-based, we also strive to promote the awareness of unnecessary animal suffereing. 

Another priority of our business is sustainability. We support local farmers with the fresh produce we purchase, and our store was created using recycled, reclaimed materials. Our company is constantly discovering new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our sustainability practice currently involve:

  • Compostable food containers that are made from plants.
  • Recycled carry-out bags.
  • Energy Star Qualified energy-efficient kitchen appliances
  • LED lighting.
  • An air hand dryer instead of paper towels.
  • The option for paperless receipts.


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Compostable bowls made from plants
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